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***STEP 1: Watch This Video***

The Lucid Entrepreneur Lab Mastermind

Hello! Since you are here, I'm guessing you are a CONSCIOUS dreamer & lucid entrepreneur (anyone looking to bring a dream to reality) who's ready to expand & reach their full potential in ALL areas of life.

This quick and simple application is for me (Lana) to determine if we would be a good fit for working together for a minimum of 6 months.

Key details of The Lucid Entrepreneur Lab:
A mastermind created for conscious dreamers & entrepreneurs looking to become a trailblazer in their field of passion and expertise. This is my most successful & highest-level container.

It's called "The Lucid Entrepreneur Lab" because it's designed to help you use lucid dreaming & living practices to expand into that next level of energy, mindset, entrepreneurship, lucidity, and more! You'll develop lucid dreaming strategies and systems that help you reach your goals faster without it being exhausting and repetitive. (Lana's methods are all about FUN and PERSONALIZATION inside the Lab - she wants that experience to be the same for you as well!)

At the end of our time together, you can expect to have a consistent and purposeful lucid dreaming and living practice in place, clarity and confidence in your long term dreams and visions, and a life that you wake up to that feels like an energetic match.

Results from previous mastermind students include:

🎉200+ dreams recalled in 30 days

🎉30+ lucid dreams in 30 days

🎉Quitting their 9-5 to go full time in their dream business

🎉Successfully creating the business of their dreams from scratch

🎉Coming out of depression and off medication (after 10+ years)

🎉Re-ignighting the fire & falling in love with life

🎉Inducing lucid dreams on command

🎉Finding soul-mate connections

Whilst every student works hard and uses the process for their own individual goals leading to a myriad of incredible results, I strongly believe that the accountability partners, high-level strategies that you won't find in books or online, and relationship with me as their private coach and biggest cheerleader is why they see such rapid and incredible transformation.

I'm now excited to help 6 NEW spiritual and conscious dreamers achieve the same in 2023!

I believe in providing my students with the lucid dreaming & living knowledge, tools, and strategies I used to turn my dreams into a reality -- with a focus on personalizing the practice for THEM specifically. Get excited to use your dreams and delve into the subconscious mind to uncover YOUR unique passion & purpose, so that you can reach your full potential and receive guidance from your individual calling (like so many of my students have).

Here's some of what you'll receive as one of the few Lucid Entrepreneurs accepted into the Lab:

✅A private 1:1 onboarding call to get you started with CONFIDENCE! This is where you will get a feel for all the aspects inside the Lab, book your first coaching sessions, and ease into your first actionable steps on your Lucid Entrepreneurship journey.

✅Personal 60 minute 1:1 lucid dreaming & lucid living coaching calls to use throughout the 6 months

✅Lifetime group membership access to our private app

✅Weekly community calls with the Lucid Entrepreneurs & head coaches

✅Monthly group coaching calls with Lana and her team of 19+ guest coaches (including experts in sleep paralysis, astral projection, liminal dreaming, hypnosis, out of body experiences, psychedelic dreamwork, herbs & oneirogens, and more!)

✅First dibs on in-person lucid dreaming retreats with Lana and your fellow Lucid Entrepreneurs

✅Unlimited access to everything Lana currently has available in her courses & masterclass library (plus everything new that she launches) during the 6 months

Lana reviews each application thoroughly, so please be as detailed and clear as possible! Let's do this?!

***STEP 2: Secure Your Spot***

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