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It's game time!!

I want you to get as buzzing, excited, & ready to have some epic lucid dreams before the end of the year as I am!!

Something I realized this year is that a lot of lucid dreamers are frustrated with their practice


😩trying to remember to do random reality checks all day


😩only being able to get lucid for a few minutes at best


😩waking up at 3 or 4 am interrupting their sleep cycles and then *still* not getting lucid


I'm not saying those things can never work... but it's *a lot* of work for something that doesn't seem to get consistent results...



・A lucid dreaming practice is supposed to be something that's *so much fun* that you are actually EXCITED to jump into bed each night!!


・It's supposed to be something that wakes you up BUZZING and MOTIVATED in the morning... not tired from waking up randomly throughout the night


・It's something that should ENHANCE your waking life and bring more FUN and ENERGY into the day to day



You probably have enough on your plate that feels like a chore!


... does that mean you should give up on lucid dreaming & lucid living... wait until you have "more time" for it? (btw there's never gonna be a magical life period where you suddenly have way more time )


No. What you need are some FUN and EXCITING strategies and the knowledge for how to gamify your lucid dreaming & living practice so that it's consistent, EASY, and works FOR YOU... no matter what's going on in your life!!

Don't worry - I've done the hard part for you!!
I'm going to help you have THE MOST EPIC LUCID EXPERIENCES

Secure your spot for this 90m masterclass where you will experience lucidity in the form of:



✅Fun & Excitement


✅& a little bit of spice!! 🤪

Game of Dreams masterclass is for you if:

① You are tired of zoning out during the day & feeling like you are in the boring day to day grind. You want to spice up your life & add in more FUN, FREEDOM, and what feels like magical experiences!


② You'd like to have lucid dreams consistently without it feeling like a ton of extra work or effort


③ You want to get into bed each night feeling BUZZING about what's to come and wake up in the morning feeling EXCITED and ENERGIZED!!


④ You'd like more time to work on yourself, your business, relationships, or spiritual practices without it having to be so serious and intense!!

Secure your spot today!!

(Workbook & lifetime replays included)

🎉The Game of Dreams lucid dreaming & living masterclass was held

LIVE on zoom on Dec 20th...

But you can now get INSTANT ACCESS to the same class on demand!


Let me know when you've secured your spot so I can celebrate with you!! 🥳🥳


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What's the investment for the masterclass?

Pricing includes workbook & access to replays for life. Details on the ticket page.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the masterclass, all sales are final and no refunds will be given. Please reach out to me on Instagram (@lanasackwild) if you have any questions before finalizing your purchase.

I have a different question

Contact the team via email at
or @lanasackwild on Instagram

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