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What if there was a simple strategy for consciously taking acton and getting the results you desire in your lucid dreams... without needing years of practice?!

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With the Morpheus Masterclass, there is!

Interacting within your lucid dreams is one of the most fundamental parts of the practice!! There are tons of other lucid dreaming classes that teach you the basics of how to get lucid... but this is different.

Picture this...

⚡Access to 30% more time to do that deep shadow work you keep putting off

⚡Receiving answers from dream characters & unconscious/subconscious parts of yourself

⚡Breakthroughs with your self-development, creativity, confidence etc.

⚡The ability to create new neural pathways & enhance your skills whilst you sleep

⚡Waking up with gold, wisdom, & ideas that you can implement in the waking state

⚡Waking up with clarity, lucidity, a clear direction, motivation, energy, & determination for life

( Just to name a couple of benefits!!)


I know this is not your reality just yet

Tell me if this sounds more familiar....

You love the idea of lucid dreaming...

But your lucid dreams don't last long enough for you to ever actually accomplish something. You find yourself waking up before you want to, getting too excited and the dream collapses, or when you are lucid it feels like you are in a massive rush because you know it probably won't last for much longer.

Or maybe you are able to get lucid...

But then when you are lucid you are never quite sure of what you are supposed to be doing and how you can truly use that space for maximum benefit. You've tried a couple of different things like talking with dream characters but they usually give you responses that are kinda random or nothing life-changing

Orrrrr maybe you fall more into the category of...

You can get lucid for a little bit but whenever you try things they just don't go your way. You've heard about all the amazing things you *should* be able to accomplish inside a lucid dream but it's like yours won't co-operate with you and no matter what you try it just doesn't seem to work out as you were hoping for.


Taking action and achieving the results you want within your lucid dreams is absolutely possible for you. And it can become a reality for you much sooner than you think.

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It's exactly why I created the
Morpheus: God of Dreams

Lucid Dreaming Masterclass

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I’m a lucid dreaming & lucid living coach. Over $200K of my income in 2021 - 2022 is directly linked to my lucid dreaming practice. I don't tell you this to impress you, but instead, impress upon you what is truly possible for you if you start living and dreaming lucidly. 

Over the past few years I've been implementing lucid dreaming and living techniques that most other entrepreneurs are not. 



The way I see it, lucid dreaming is much less about just flying around and eating cake (although that stuff can be fun too lol) but it's way more about how to live your life at your full potential, show up with confidence as your authentic self, really integrating what we learn from our lucid dreams back into our waking lives - so that we can truly MAKE THE MOST of this precious human experience - AND really enjoy it whilst we do it. 

This is why I've created a highly unique, never before seen 5-step method that mainly focuses on ACTION and ACHIEVEMENT within your lucid dreams. Over the past few years, lucid dreaming has completely transformed my life and helped me go from a highschool drug addict drop out... to creating a Million dollar business and brand of my dreams. I couldn't be more excited to teach you the *exact* methods and strategies that made all the difference inside of my new masterclass, Morpheus: God of Dreams!

The Morpheus: God of Dreams Masterclass
is a LIVE 90m intensive!

Whether you are a lucid dreamer with a beginner practice, or an intermediate practitioner who desires MORE, the Morpheus: God of Dreams Masterclass will benefit you. I guarantee that.

Actually, the only people who should NOT sign up and join this are:

・Anyone who does not like lucid dreaming and has zero desire to improve their lucid dreaming practice

・Anyone who does not want their lucid dreaming practice to be more stable, regular, and lenghtier 

・Anyone who does not even know what lucid dreaming really is, let alone feel ready to take their practice to the next level.

But let's be real, this masterclass is going to be transformational no matter what!

It’s specifically designed to help you lengthen, stabilize, take action, and achieve effortlessly within your lucid dreams... all whilst having an amazing time and being your best self!

You won't find a method as simple and strategic as what is being taught inside this masterclass. 


When does it start & how long is it?

The 90 minute masterclass will go live on October 25th, 2022 at 11AM MT.

How much access will I get to Lana?

Lana will be personally leading / teaching the masterclass herself live. Everyone who registers will get access to the replay, but by attending live you will get to ask Lana questions in real time. 

What is the investment for the masterclass?

The actual value of the class is $150. But early bird pricing begins at just $75 (includes workbook & access to replays for life!)

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of the masterclass, all sales are final and no refunds will be given. Please reach out to me on Instagram (@lanasackwild) if you have any questions before finalizing your purchase.

I have a different question

Contact the team via email at
or @lanasackwild on Instagram

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