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5 Tips on how to enjoy Sleep Paralysis (when and if it happens to you!)

After waking up from an epic sleep paralysis turned lucid dream nap time, thought I’d share some tips that may be valuable for you.

Perhaps you’ve been hesitant about lucid dreaming or astral projection after hearing a sleep paralysis horror story? If so, please go through the 5 tips on the slides:

  1. Understanding what it is

  2. Ecstasy Breathing Method

  3. Slay the dragon

  4. Gateway to astral projection

  5. Know how to stop it

They shifted everything for me and I hope they will for you too 🙂

Hope this was valuable for you!

Book a connection call if you'd like to work with me so you can start living & dreaming lucidly.

Love & lucidity,

Lana 💛


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