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Heal Your Mind & Body In A Lucid Dream

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Your pain (emotional & physical) is harming your future more than you think. It keeps you stuck. It keeps you hurting. And quite frankly, this means you don’t wake up to see your life reflecting what you want it to… Sure, you can keep doing what you’ve been doing and maybe in the next 5 - 10 years you’d see some changes. But if what you’ve been trying hasn’t been working out for you, I’d love you to explore lucid dreaming as an alternative. Why not try using YOUR OWN subconscious to manifest the future you are hoping for?

If you are being totally honest with yourself, do your dreams and subconscious mind not contain SO MUCH MORE information than any coach, therapist, or other human being on earth could ever tell you about yourself?

Investing in yourself and doing that deep healing IS NOT a low priority.

It is a serious requirement for you to show up at your full potential and materialize your dreams.

My life was transformed by a series of deep healing lucid dreams. So in my upcoming masterclass “Supernatural Healing: Lucid Dreaming for Restoration” I will be teaching you the technical skills and step-by-step processes to experience your own physical and emotional transformation.

Think of every happy and successful person you can think of. All of them have had to do some deep healing to get to where they got to.

They have all invested in their healing journey.

No matter the dream you intend to manifest for yourself… I want to make sure you can see it come to life sooner rather than later. I’d love nothing more than to help you with that.

Instant access is now available!

Qs? Experiences? Anything to share? Drop it below.

Do me a favor & share this post on your story or tag a friend who can benefit from it!

The more the merrier

Love & lucidity,

Lana 💛

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