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Why starting a dream journal in 2023 will change your life

Why read another self-help book when you have the contents for writing your own in 2023? 😏

This is the year that you will reach your highest potential, answer that soul calling, and truly embody what it means to be living your best life, waking up every morning full of power & potential! 😍⁠

So I mean, are you going to keep looking elsewhere for all the answers to your life’s questions or are you FINALLY ready to use that gold mine of dreams that keep nudging you to pay attention to them?


I hear you.

Swipe through these images to see exactly how! ⬅️

You might have never explored using a dream journal before but seriously this is like having access to God on speed dial! Lol

Even from writing down a single dream, you can benefit in so many ways:

Whether you want to harness better self-awareness and lucidity.

Or you are interested in self-improvement and creative breakthroughs for your biz!

The revelations and possibilities are limitless.

I’m so excited at the prospect of this reaching someone who is going to seriously give dream journaling a go for the first time and experience such a positive transformation…

Or someone who needed that extra nudge to get back into it.

Someone who is right on the edge of an amazing download coming through for them on the next page!

Your dream journal might just be the most important book you ever read in your life.

Let me know which of these points feels the most enticing for you this year?

Love & lucidity,

Lana 💛

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