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This webinar will give you the opportunity to improve upon your dream recall by challenging you with a range of beginner to intermediate practices that you can put into action straight away!


I recommend this webinar if you are a beginner-intermediate dream practitioner who is:

✔️Ready to take advantage of experiencing 5-9 dreams per night!

✔️Looking to access the hidden wisdom and knowledge that awaits you in the dream space!

✔️Interested to explore deeper feelings, emotions, potential blockages, & inner work!

✔️Excited for the possibility of starting up a lucid dreaming practice!

✔️In need of techniques that can be personalized to fit your individual personality and lifestyle!


🔥This webinar will enable you to improve upon dream recall and learn about yourself in a way that FEELS AUTHENTIC. 


🔥You will leave the webinar with an understanding of where you have previously been going wrong and exactly how to address these things. 


🔥You will learn about sleep hygiene, morning routines, and evening routines that benefit dream recall and can be personalized to fit your lifestyle


🔥You will learn how developing and deepening your dream recall to help you get lucid


🤩Overall, this webinar is designed for beginner to intermediate dream practitioners who want to develop and deepen dream recall for accessing subconscious and unconscious information, receiving dream knowledge and wisdom, working with deeper emotions and potential blockages, self-development, and inner work! 

How to Develop & Deepen Your Dream Recall Webinar

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