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Psychedelics, Somatics, and Dreams [INSTANT ACCESS]

Exploring the True Self through Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness: Psychedelics, Somatics, and Dreams

Psychedelics, Somatics, and Dreams [INSTANT ACCESS]
Psychedelics, Somatics, and Dreams [INSTANT ACCESS]

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Instant Access Replay & Worksheets

Zoom Masterclass

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Psychedelics, Somatics, and Dreams: Exploring the True Self through Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

There are many realms that we move through each day, whether we are conscious of it or not. By bringing it to our conscious awareness, we gain access to deeper ways of listening to understanding ourselves. In this class, part lecture/discussion and part experiential workshop, we  will discuss specifically using the somatic experience of the body to explore dreams as well as how to create safety and intention with psychedelic medicines. We'll leave you with some great tools on preparing for, navigating, and integrating these powerful experiences!

Experience a Lucid Entrepreneur Lab guest coaching group session live with psycho-spiritual integration coach Elaine Whitt!

Elaine has supported in training over a thousand coaches in becoming integration guides. Her unique approach to coaching and workshops involves helping her clients understand and apply their insights gained in psychedelic journeys into their daily life. She works somatically with the body to gather information from the intuitive wisdom that the body and non ordinary states of consciousness, such as dreams, offer.


“Elaine is a highly attuned coach whose instruction is unique and thorough. She provides information through a lens of sensitivity and nuance, which is perfect for the subjects she teaches about. She is brilliant, kind, patient, imaginative, and easygoing, and the spaces she creates are a joy to participate in. She has a vigorous and deep personal practice in all that she teaches about, which really shines through when you are present with her. I highly recommend learning and working with her - you may find that you learn about yourself in a sweet, novel manner. “ - Madeline B  

“I never imagined this class would be life changing. I knew and was told I would get a lot out of it. But some of the work I have done with Elaine has been pivotal in my evolution as a human! I appreciate her wisdom, and I am grateful for her tone of voice. It’s very loving and nurturing.” - Theresa B


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