As a very young child & during my early teenage years, I surrendered to a dark depression by challenging my perceptions of waking reality with mind-altering medicines. Alike many others, I too consumed antidepressants and antipsychotics with little to no signs of improvement. Upon reflection, I recognized that the glimmers of happiness through the darkness often arose when I was addressing what the prescription drugs & traditional therapies were not: the emotional, mental, spiritual, & transpersonal parts of my being.


After 22 years of experimentation with lucid dreaming & nearing the graduation date for my MSc in consciousness, spirituality, & transpersonal psychology, I desire nothing more than to open the doors of perception & tear down the veil between the multiple worlds of consciousness for anyone who’s done with depression, hungry for healing, ready for romance, seeking a spiritual awakening, craving creativity & insights, thinks it’s time for a transformation, or simply someone who dares to dream deeply.

Lana Sackwild
Lucid Dream Coach
Lucid Dream Researcher
Transpersonal Psychologist
Scientific Researcher (MSc)
Founder of Get Lucid With Lana, LLC

Born in London, grown in Tokyo, & currently creating my life in Boulder, Colorado.

I believe in dreams coming true, love conquering all, & that life as we know it can be extremely dark, sad, & yet a beautiful experience that we are truly blessed with.


My profession as a lucid dream coach & work as a scientific researcher blossomed from a thirst for exploration, knowledge, & adventure. As an inquisitive child, I first ventured into the world of lucid dreaming by playing with my nightmares, morphing the characters into cartoons & experimenting with the laws of physics.

I am super open & friendly & I absolutely love connecting with other scientists, dreamers, coaches, & anyone who is passionate about anything! 

Whether you are ready to dive in and begin your lucid dream coaching journey or if you are someone who is not yet sure what you are after - send me a message and let me know who you are!

Love & lucidity,


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Boulder, Colorado, 80301