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Lana Sackwild

My profession as a lucid dream coach & work as a scientific researcher blossomed from a thirst for exploration, knowledge, & adventure. As an inquisitive child, I first ventured into the world of lucid dreaming by playing with my nightmares, morphing the characters into cartoons & experimenting with the laws of physics.

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As a very young child & during my early teenage years, I surrendered to a dark depression by challenging my perceptions of waking reality with mind-altering medicines. Like many others, I too consumed antidepressants and antipsychotics with little to no signs of improvement. Upon reflection, I recognized that the glimmers of happiness through the darkness often arose when I was addressing what the prescription drugs & traditional therapies were not: the emotional, mental, spiritual, & transpersonal parts of my being.


After 20+ years of experimentation with lucid dreaming & graduating with a MSc in consciousness, spirituality, and transpersonal psychology, I'm now a successful transpersonal lucid dreaming and lucid living coach. I have dedicated my life to helping people redefine and reconnect to their purpose and awaken their unlimited potential. I desire nothing more than to open the doors of perception & tear down the veil between the multiple worlds of consciousness for anyone who’s:

 Seeking slumber: together we will build you a safe and relaxing environment. We will cover sleep hygiene, insomnia, sleep schedules, mindset, relaxation techniques, nighttime and morning routines.

 Looking for lucidity: learn the ins and outs of dream signs, dream journalling, lucid dream induction, lucid dream intentions and incantations, memory training, scripting dream adventures, conscious observations, conversations with the subconscious self & more.

 Craving creativity: explore a new way to problem solve, manage your productivity, mindset motivation, communicate with confidence, receive creative insights, train for life events, explore art and music from a new perspective, career progression, & more.

 Hungry for healing: be done with depression, alleviate your anxiety, rekindle a relationship, handle business burnout, revisit and re-wire negative thought patterns, redream recurrent nightmares, overcome fears and phobias

 Seeking something Spiritual & Transpersonal: explore non-ordinary states of consciousness, psychedelics, out of body experiences, astral projection, discussions with the deceased, shadow integration, meditation, spiritual awakenings, & more.

 Longing to live lucidly: integrate the work from your dream space back into your waking life for an expanded perspective, liberation from fear or limits, access to more of your waking self, experience the vastness of your larger awareness, understand and deepen your relationship to self, other, & ego, and devote your energy to greater pursuits.

Sleep Hygiene
There is no other lucid dreaming course like this in the world! Work with me in my 24-week online course
"The Lucid Entrepreneur Lab"

Perfect for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to use scientific and spiritual lucid dreaming & lucid living practices for self-development, business development, and spiritual development. ​

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