Are you someone who

・Has had healing or transformative

lucid dreams?

・Has ever been diagnosed with depression or prescribed


If you answered yes to either of the above, please consider taking this short survey of 9 questions

Recent data shows that the use of prescription drugs to treat mental illnesses, such as depression, are at an all-time high. If we want to reduce the apparently ever-increasing consumption of anti-depressants and depressed patients, clearly something more effective than drug treatment needs to take place.


The objective of my research is to analyze and distinguish the transformative healing effects taking place within a lucid dream that enable an oneironaut to reconcile and possibly eradicate their depression. I will explore the positive, negative, physical, mental, spiritual, and transpersonal dynamics surrounding the relationship between lucid dreaming and overcoming depression using Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis as a research method and follow up with qualitative interviews.


There is a need for more scientific research and data collection on this intriguing topic, and your participation will make an important contribution in advancing both lucid dream and mental health research.

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An Exploration of the Healing and Transformative Powers of Lucid Dreaming for Overcoming Depression