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The brand new LIVE masterclass training for lucid dreaming techniques that you can specifically start integrating into your practice for living a successful life.

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Hear me when I say...

  • What if in just a single masterclass you could cultivating the vibration of Lucid Entrepreneurship and put together the plans and strategy that will actually change the trajectory of your life. ⁣⁣

With Sucess Whilst You Sleep you can.

  • That your big dreams, wild, ambitious personal and professional goals for this year can *seriously* become a reality for you... no matter where you came from or what your struggles have been up until this point.

What is Success Whilst You Sleep?

Success Whilst You Sleep is a lucid dreaming masterclass training session for the big dreamers who are ready to intentionally use their lucid dreams for reaching success and finding fulfillment this year.

Whether you are already on the path and want to further prosper, or you have no idea of where to even begin and just know you are ready for change "Success Whilst You Sleep" is for you!

Manifestation of big dreams and goals requires clarity and lucidity and *actual* strategy.

I know this because in 2021, I was hitting some of the biggest goals of my life... and it wasn't just "coincidence."


I had been intentional in my planning and exactly how I would take action. I followed a specific process that enabled me to step into who I desired to be:


A women ready to use her passions, skills, and talents for MASSIVE SUCCESS and as I began to thrive I'd be able to help others rise too.


I did all of this whilst absolutely loving my life and having so much fun at the same time. Now I want to break this down and share it with you so that you can experience it too. 


On July 5th, I'll be coaching on all of the above so that you can begin lucid dreaming to create the life you want.

Tickets are available now!

Masterclass Content:

It's time for you to stop spending your time and energy on lucid dreaming techniques that don't work for you and just hoping for the best. Let's get intentional and bring clarity to what lucid dream induction needs to look like for you and plan accordingly for what you will achieve whilst you are lucid and why.​​

⚡Planning & Clarity⚡

⚡Lucid Dream Induction⚡

Learn how to analyse your dream content with confidence, increase your dream recall with ease, and recognize how to use all this dream data to induce lucid dreams on command!

⚡Taking Inspired Action⚡

You can have the most amazing ideas and dreams in the world... but if you don't have a plan of action for how to implement them in your waking life then what good is that? Learn action and implementation skills (from the Lucid Entrepreneur herself) to ensure your dreams are made manifest.

The live masterclass will take place at 1PM MT on Zoom
(with recordings available the same day and lifetime access)

Hey, I'm Lana Sackwild! I'm a Lucid Dreaming & Lucid Living Coach & I help people like you consciously create a life that is full of passion & purpose and coach on how to step into Lucid Entrepreneurship so that you can thrive doing what you love.


After getting extremely clear and lucid on my goals in 2021, I was able to build the multiple 6-figure business of my dreams. If you had told me even a year before that I'd be living my dream life sharing my passions as a lucid dreaming & living coach I would have called you CRAZY. But within the next few months, it was all made manifest - just as I planned for.


I created the Success Whilst You Sleep masterclass to help other passionate people get lucid and to show you what you are truly capable of.


No matter your desired lucid dream goals, in just a single masterclass you'll experience how you can begin inducing lucid dreams on command just like a Lucid Entrepreneur... and start to dream like one too.

Don't miss this!

What's the investment for Success Whilst You Sleep Masterclass?

You can join the masteclass live (and receive the replay & lifetime access) for $37 - $75 depending on the date that you sign up!


When is it?

July 5th at 1PM MT on Zoom (with same day and lifetime replay access)


What's the investment for Living to Succeed Masterclass?

Will I have access to Lana?

The masterclass is hosted live by Lana! The replay recording will be provided with your sign up but by attending live you will experience being able to participate and connect with Lana in real time.


What's the refund policy?

Due to the nature of the masterclass there are no refunds.


I have a different question!

Please reach out to the team via Instagram or Facebook @lanasackwild or via email at


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