Lana Sackwild, MSc

Founder of Get Lucid With Lana, LLC

Lana is a British lucid dream coach & scientific researcher with a Masters of Science in consciousness, spirituality, & transpersonal psychology. She is interested in analyzing what it is about the conscious states of mind individuals access during lucid dreams that have such transformational, empowering, and transpersonal properties.

Her current research is focused on lucid dreaming for mitigating depression and its uses as a follow-up treatment in the mental health field.

If you are somebody feeling lost, stuck, or without meaning & control over your life, Lana will guide you to lucidity, action, & achievement! 



Are you ready to live a healthier, wealthier, meaningful, & purposeful life?

Perhaps you are interested in experiencing new techniques to alleviate some anxiety, rekindle a relationship, have a breakthrough with your business, or discover more about a deeper part of yourself?


Whatever your calling, Get Lucid With Lana, LLC offers 1:1 personalized coaching & specialized training programs, live events, group workshops,

& adventurous retreats which will enable you to

transform your dreams & goals into the reality that you desire.


Work with Lana 1:1 to boost your self-awareness, empowerment, gain access to your unconscious, and unleash your creative to achieve consistent results. The strategies and coaching techniques utilized are what Lana uses herself to achieve and sustain a successful lucid dreaming & living practice.  If you have the desire to reach your full potential then lucid dreaming & lucid living coaching is for you.

Dreaming Wide Awake Retreat

April 8 - 10, 2022 ・Boulder, CO

Are you feeling stuck and not yet sure of your purpose? Or perhaps you have ambition, know your goals and desires, but are unsure how to progress? Take some much needed time for yourself in the beautiful mountain valleys of Boulder, where you will actively experience for yourself the best strategies from experts in the field, to increase your awareness & develop your mindset to grow and advance towards

becoming the best version of yourself!


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Carl, S

I loved it! The session led me in directions that I have never thought of. Lana really makes me think about where I’ve been and where I’m going. This course is increasing my awareness of the incredible potential of lucid dreaming

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Kaziah H.

I was able to reach lucidity and it has been a long time! so that was neat. My biggest insights were that our dreams are SUCH powerful messages to our everyday life and anxieties. Tracking my dreams made me realize so much of what I was suppressing in my waking life.... I'd recommend this for anyone with anxiety & restless nights, sleep problems, or just people looking to gain more insight and awareness

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Ashley J.

The tasks are high quality and easy to understand. There was so much healing from my lucid dream! The sessions are extremely innovative - I've never experienced anything like it. Nothing to dislike!

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Matt J.

Very inspirational and eye-opening! Highly recommend to anyone looking for help with lucid dreaming, beginners to advanced and or general guidance with anything you might be going through on a daily basis in your life, good or bad. I can't wait for our next session!



Boulder, Colorado, 80301


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