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Learn how to unpack and explore the emotions that arise in your dreams and use them for self-discovery and growth.  Master how to become lucid in your dreams, take control of your actions and emotions, so that you can experience massive transformations and begin living lucidly!

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Getting Lucid With Lana

With award-winning research on lucid dreaming for treating depression, Dreaming Wide Awake retreat, & transpersonal online courses, Lana continues to guide people through personal and business transformations worldwide! 



Did you know during a lucid dream your brain can create new neural connections and problem solve in ways that are impossible whilst you are awake?

Lucid dreaming is the art of becoming conscious and "waking up" inside of your dreams!

This enables you to enhance skills whilst you sleep, cultivate creative solutions, elevate your energy, maximize your time (extra 8h/night!), rewire psychological blockages, access subconscious & unconscious information, test out business ideas, and so much more! 


The Lucid Entrepreneur Lab is the only lucid dreaming and lucid living course in the world specifically designed for entrepreneurs, business professionals, lucid dreamers, and leaders who are ready to live a remarkable life.

The 60+ modules utilize your dreams making all strategies and techniques you implement
customizable to your own unique life experiences and goals. Your psyche is part of the material!

If you are someone who feels like there's something missing and you are looking for something more, the lab will take you to that next level in your life. 

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What People Say

Lana's clients and students include top CEO's, business professionals, and creative minds!

"Being able to become lucid in the dream world was an incredible goal of mine and I had read books and listened to every teaching you could imagine but decided it was time to take it to the next level and hire a coach. So I hired Miss Lana and she's absolutely incredible. Her knowledge of the dream world and the human body is second to none. Miss Lana has become one of the greatest coaches in my world. Not only has dreamwork become vital to who I am and what I do on a daily basis, but her coaching has allowed me to grow and progress even more. I own 6 businesses and she understands business and the tools we need to it to the next level."

"Since working with Lana I'm a lot more confident, I have goals, and a lot more determination to get to those goals. I've been able to implement so many positive changes in both my waking and dream life. With Lana you get a lot more than just a lucid dreaming coach - she's become a close friend, a cheerleader, a mentor, a life coach, a career coach, a relationship coach, and she is just someone who has really been able to make a huge difference in my life. Her methods really do work and I've just been so happy to see how far I've come."

About Lana

5 benefits of dreams to improve & increa

Lana is a British lucid dreaming and lucid living coach and scientific researcher with a Masters of Science in consciousness, spirituality, and transpersonal psychology.

She has been lucid dreaming for 25+ years and is a pioneer in the lucid dreaming field for mental health research, working with clients across the globe. 

Lana states she has dedicated her life to helping people redefine and reconnect to their purpose and awaken their unlimited potential!


Free Content & Resources

Check out the abundance of free resources and content that help people grow and transform their lives whilst on their personal journey with lucid dreaming and lucid living. Follow Lana on her social media platforms for weekly new releases.

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