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Lucid Dream Journal vs Regular Dream Journal

Warning: This will make lucid dreaming so easy, that some of y’all won’t know what hit ya! #itgetstobeeasy

If you are someone who doesn’t have great dream recall but you want to lucid dream, this practice will make a massive difference for you. (Yay!)

That’s because I am really, really experienced at what I do.

I know how to experiment with lucid dreaming practices and share on what it going to make it the most effective, fun, easy, and useful for creating change!

That’s why my lucid dreaming courses ended up becoming a full time career.

Today, I want to give you some tips for shifting your regular dream journal into a lucid dreaming specific journal.

Try out what I shared tonight, and your lucid dreaming practice and dream recall will very quickly shift, and become incredibly impactful.

(Because you already have all the tools, techniques, and abilities on the inside. You just need to capture it.)

Take a look and let me know what you think!

If you want a bonus video on how to set your lucid dreaming specific journal up, head over to my YouTube channel and check out this video.


Also I’m currently producing my very own step-by-step lucid dreaming & living 90-day interactive journal… would any of y’all be interested in trying it out?

Get Lucid. Live Lucid. Awaken To Your Full Potential.

Love & lucidity,

Lana 💛


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