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This webinar will give you the opportunity to uncover and rewire negative money blockages, generational money blueprints, and use lucid dream practices as a tool to better manage your relationship with money.  


During the webinar you will actively explore how to:


💰Release the stress of financial burdens & form a new perspective on money management


💰Learn 4 fun and effective lucid dreaming practices that will assist you with money management and manifestation (that you can take action with the very same day!) 


💰Analyze what financial freedom looks like for you and how to get a taste of it


💰Plant seeds of wealth with meditation, mantras, and visualization dreamwork techniques


💰Create emotionally-charged financial reality tests for increasing lucid dream frequency


💰Spiritually and energetically breakthrough money blockages and boundaries


💰Embody a positive "millionaire mindset" and achieve a positive attitude needed for attracting prosperity and true wealth. 


I recommend this webinar if you are:

・A student or young professional looking for fast, simple, and effective results

・A parent or guardian who is affected by the everyday pressure and stress of money management

・A specialist (e.g. counselor, therapist, or group worker) whose clients may benefit from money management and lucid dreamwork techniques

・A CEO, entrepreneur, or biz professional that is looking to implement and invest in unique money management techniques

・Anyone who is ready to better manage their relationship with money


Most of us did not learn how to manage money in school or from our parents. 


Are you ready to learn easy to implement strategies for better managing your money? 


Are you open to developing a positive perspective for living a life full of wealth and abundance?


Watch now & start your journey to financial freedom!

Lucid Dreaming Practices for Money Management

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