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Are you ready to set yourself apart from everyone else in your field and step into yourself as

a lucid entrepreneur?

As a lucid entrepreneur...

 You have more than a surface plan for your day or week. You have clarity on where you are headed and are able to make conscious decisions that enable you to maximize your potential and thrive!

 You don't need to work hard long hours with little free time. Whilst lucid, you get extra vacation time, and can improve at tasks whilst you sleep. Instead of wasting time trying and failing to reach success, you can practice and rehearse scenarios whilst lucid giving you a wider array of tools for creative problem-solving. This enables you to reach high-performance faster and manage your time and energy efficiently.

 You can utilize lucid dream practices to re-wire and overcome emotional trauma or psychological blockages. You'll never burn out and you can easily live and work in a high vibrational state.

 You utilize science and logic in combination with spirituality. Your dreams give you access to subconscious & unconscious information which gives you a broader perspective for your business plans and ideas. 






You'll begin the lab with an introduction to dreamwork practices. This covers how to start up a lucid dreaming practice for total beginners and the benefits of doing so. It also covers additional foundational techniques to add into your practice for intermediate-advanced practitioners. These first few weeks you'll take a deeper dive into using dreamwork to look at who you are as an individual, your unique journey, and who and what you need in your environment to thrive! It covers social and emotional lucid dreaming induction techniques and how to start building a lucid life and business

You'll be coached on how to personalize lucid dreaming techniques that work alongside you and benefit you no matter how busy or chaotic life becomes. We cover increasing lucid dreaming frequency, getting lucid as a group, solidifying tasks, stabilizing lengthy 2-3h lucid dreams, and much more!



Once you have a solid practice in place you'll begin journeying deeper into the depths of your mind. We revisit your childhood & what makes you who you are. You learn how to use your natural skills & talents to break through blockages and rewire subconscious & unconscious thought patterns with lucid dreamwork practices. It's during this phase that you can start to develop a vision for the entrepreneur, business professional, and individual that you desire to become. This module is packed full of plans creating your lucid dreaming and lucid living roadmap to success that take you securely (up to 5-10+ years) beyond the 12-weeks in the course that we work together. Dream work can bring up a lot of unprocessed emotions. We work through how to utilize emotions whilst lucid and re-integrate these into readily accessible powerful energetic tools to use in the waking state. This module helps you eliminate any low vibrational states of being and coaches you how to stay excited, focused, confident, motivated, creative, and lucid.


During this phase, you'll experience stepping into your new self. The entrepreneur you initially dreamed of becoming at the beginning of the course has begun to manifest into a reality. We can now begin harnessing professional and personal client connections for business in a conscious and genuine way and prepare you to start leveraging even bigger dreams for your future. You've shifted into entrepreneurship and business in a bigger and bolder way than you ever dreamed possible. We cover absolutely everything you need in both your professional and personal life now you are fully embodying the role as a lucid entrepreneur. Utilizing transpersonal and spiritual dreaming practices, you take your dream beyond yourself and create a map to leverage dreams that can create an abundance of income and more importantly, impact the greater collective. During your last weeks in the course, we create high touch business connections to move you forwards with massive contribution. You are living in a peak performance state of lucidity and ultimately graduate with a new sense of self that continues into a lifetime of being, working, & living lucidly.

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Katherine Skelly, English Language Coach for IELTS

Katherine Skelly, English Language Coach for IELTS

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"The lucid Entrepreneur lab is life changing both personally and professionally. Working with lana is just the best decision ever because she is like the business partner I never had to guide and support me throughout my journey of entreprenurship."