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Do Lucid Dreams Promote Creativity?

Lucid dreaming to promote your 🎨CREATIVITY 🖌️⁣

Having ways to enhance and unleash your creative side in a lucid dream is awesome.⁣

This is a particularly potent practice for:⁣

1. Artists⁣

Who can use the dream space as an entire canvas⁣

2. Writers⁣

Who want to overcome writers block⁣

3. High performance⁣

People who need extra time to rehearse and practice something⁣

4. Musicians ⁣

Who are ready to receive their next breakthrough melody⁣

5. Food enthusiasts⁣

Both for the cooking and eating experience⁣

6. Athletes⁣

Who need to practice or benefit from visualization⁣

Scroll through the slides for extra tips and to see some of my favorite lucid dreaming experiences that have involved unleashing my creative! ⁣

Lucid dreaming has helped show me how unbelievably incredible my mind is.⁣⁣

Learn how to induce the perfect lucid dream for accelerating and achieving your goals in my upcoming masterclass “Lucid Dreaming for Discovering Meaning”⁣

Have you unleashed your creative side in a lucid dream yet?⁣

Would you like to try out any of the above? ⁣

Love & lucidity,⁣⁣

Lana 💛


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